Specseal Course – Dhamma For You – “Joy Begins in Our Hearts with Four Sublime States of Mind” on May 7, 2017

On May 7, 2017, Specseal Co., Ltd. under Mr.Pongsak and Mrs. Uraiwan Chirawatpongsa, had invited Venerable Ajarn Kittiched Siriwattago, monks and nuns to teach in Vipassana course. “Specseal Dhamma for You” Joy Begins in Our Hearts with Four Sublime States of Mind” at conference room of Specseal Co., Ltd. where was modified to become a warm Vipassana Retreat.


According to Venerable Ajarn Kittiched Siriwattago’s teachings said “After we get enlightened, please forward the enlightenment to others”

Our kind hosts and company employees welcomed all practitioners for course registration since early morning time to provide Vipassana course and comfortable accommodation for all friends, customers and employees willingly and warmly.

This course focused on “Four Sublime States of Mind” teachings especially loving-kindness which made practitioners to have gentle mind and be able to bring all teachings to conduct on a daily basis with happiness. Moreover, some practitioners had encountered difficulties and sufferings physically and mentally. But when they had opportunity to practice Vipassana, they could have calm and peaceful mind. They found happiness with Buddha’s wonderful Dhamma.

Please rejoice this merit with V.A. Kittiched, monks, nuns, hosts, practitioners and volunteers.