Master Kittichet’s Biography

Phra Kittichet Siriwattago

  • He is subordinate to “Phra Chedi Sao Lang Temple”
  • He is a Chairperson of Bunyanupab Vipassana Retreat Foundation
  • He is a Chairperson of The Municipal League of Lampang

Education & Certifications

  • B.P.A.  in Public Administration, Royal Police Cadet Academy (Batch#38), Dhamma Scholar, Advanced Level
  • M.A. in Branches and Comparative Religion Donna Buddhism, Mahidol University


  • Royal Award to personnel who supports people to practice Vipassana and encourages Buddhism (Sema Dhamma-Jak) in 2012
  • Person of the Year Award in Buddhism 2013 (Kon-Dee-Sree-Khelang of Lampang Province)