“Giving Matters” at Ruen Citta Buddha on 25 September 2016



This course was held by a family having faith in Buddhism and Phra Ajahn Kittiched. The hosts are Pol.Lt.Col. Thani Sanguancheen, Khun Karnpaphan Jivariyavech, and their daughters Moo Whan and Moo Pink, who after experienced mindfulness and discovered serenity during participating in Vipassana medition course at Phutawan, Pakchong, Nakhon Ratchasima, determined to pay it forward so others could find peacefulness that a well designed meditation course focusing on Metta Bhavana had to offer.




For those who are interested in mindfulness cultivation as in a fundamental course, you may apply for a one-day course at Ruen Cittā Buddha. The practice period seems short but full of quality in each and every hour. The practice is based on the four establishment of mindfulness (The Four Satipaṭṭhānas), The Four Sublime States of Mind, and Buddhanussati (Recollection of the Buddha).




The day started with food offering to monks, mindfulness practice; walking and sitting meditation, mindful eating or eating with mindfulness and gratitude, and Dharma lecture. Every hour is allocated for one main purpose which is deeper understanding of Dharma.




Although this course, Phra Ajahn Kittiched could not come and teach us by himself as he was admitted to hospital, he gave Dharma lecture via online program to encourage everyone, lift up our souls, and prepare us to a higher state of mind.

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In his unpresent, Phra Ajahn Kittiched is certainly in disciples mind. We could realized the power of compassion and Metta sent to us by the master. Therefore, this course is pure of happiness.

“The more we give Dharma to others, the more we get closer to higher happiness”