“Buddha Puja” Course at Baan Buddha Puja on May 8, 2017

On May 8, 2017, our hosts; Nun Yui, The Muang Pu Family, The Ploy Saeng Sai Family, The Eng Paiboon Family and The Pong Pa Ngan Family had invited Venerable Ajarn Kittiched Siriwattago, monks and nuns to teach Vipassana at Baan Buddha Puja.

With Nun Yui’ s strong faith toward the propagation of Buddhism and she would like to dedicate all merits to worship the Great Buddha. This reason is the source of the name “Buddha Puja”. Nun Yui would like to continue her aim to bring all members of her family and friends to find the Buddha’s great Dhamma.

Due to most practitioners are Nun Yui’s long old friends, making this small course was cordial and warm which began with Nun Yui’s opening speech as a main host.

After that all practitioners had attended the Dhamma Talk session by Ms. Sudarat Jinda Ngoen (Nun Yui’s aunt) and Mr. Wittawat Muang-Pu (Nun Yui’s younger brother). They had encountered suffering experiences physically and mentally but they could have been through all bad things with Dhamma which Nun Yui was the one who led them to it. Ms. Sudarat and Mr. Wittawat have rejoiced this merit with Nun Yui’s ordination. Nun Yui has found the truth of life and she also would like lighten people up to find the Dhamma as her ultimate goal.

After finishing the session, all practitioners had practiced eating with mindfulness and participated ‘Phra Nai Baan’ (Orahan in the House) activity which all practitioners could made apology to their parents and patrons. This activity had impressed all practitioners a lot.

According to our assessment after the course, some of practitioners told us about their impression as the followings;

– It feels like my mind is calm, mindful and has more concentration.

– I feel impressed with the course’s teachings which I would bring to conduct on a daily basis.

– I felt impressed with all activities. Thanks for everything and I would like to invite my family and friends and I will definitely join this course again.

– I feel faithful in Buddhism.

– I know more about myself, have more concentration and feel happy.

Please rejoice this merit with V.A. Kittiched, monks, nuns, hosts, practitioners and volunteers.