“Vipassana to Follow Our King’s Footstep” Course at Assumption University on May 11, 2017

On May 11, 2017, the Lecturer Team of Art Faculty, Assumption University, had invited Venerable Ajarn Kittiched Siriwattago, monks and nuns to teach in “Vipassana to Follow Our King’s Footstep”course at Assumption University.

The Lecturer Team of Art Faculty, Assumption University had provided this course in the concept of following King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s footstep through Vipassana practice activity and dedicated this merit to our King Rama IX. We had the directors, lecturers, officers, students and alumni from the university joining the course.

The course began with vowing to conduct Vipassana then all practitioners attended the Dhamma talk session in the subject of “Phra Nai Baan” (Orahan in the House). After that they had opportunity to make apology to their parents and patrons. Even we had no much time but this activity led the practitioners feel appreciated and grateful to their parents a lot.

Then, it was time that we had been waiting for. Venerable Ajarn Kittiched came into the hall and prostrated the Buddha image. Only just watching V.A. Kittiched and monks were prostrating the Buddha image with faith and respect, impressing everyone by their gracious manner even the foreign students who had not much understanding towards the prostration in Buddhist way, but they could feel calm, light and happy especially, when they listened to the V.A. Kittiched’s sermon.

The course was successfully finished with the practitioners’ grateful impression as the Lecturer team’s purpose based on the word “Make a merit and Listen to the Dhamma sermon” truly.